Tips on caring for your animals during a flood

Tips on caring for your animals during a flood

2023 has been a year of immense rainfall and catastrophic flooding for many states in Australia. Floods not only have severe impacts on humans, but also on our beloved pets. So, what can we do to help keep our pets safe when severe rain events and flooding are predicted?

Plan, Plan, Plan
Don’t forget about your furry companions when preparing your evacuation plan. This means to ensure they have safe transportation out of flood areas, all that their medication, food and litter are packed. You don’t want to be stranded without the essentials!

Tips when returning home
Traces of flood areas can be dangerous for our animals, so what can we do to make their return home safe? If you have any pets that like playing outside, look for any debris, clear any hazards and check your fencing to ensure they remain safe. Even more importantly, ensure that your pets have access to clean water, nutritious food and a dry space. If you have all those boxes ticked, its time to settle your companion back into its normal routine. This means daily walks, keeping to a feeding schedule and bathing them when needed.

What has Proviro Group been doing to help?

Proviro Group is working with local councils in Victoria to help communities recover from the disastrous floods sweeping the state. Not only will this be a lengthy process for families to get back on their feed, but our pets can be forgotten. We are trying to give back to community members with pets who have been displaced by the floods, our donations are vital to keep their pets safe and healthy during this difficult time.