Catmate Danielle

After co-managing a regional pound and assisting with the foster care and rehoming of a number of cats and kittens; I can honestly say that I’ve tried nearly all the litters on the Australian market – crystals, tofu, soy, paper, clay, and even sand…

When I read that cat guru Jackson Galaxy recommends pine litter, I tried a few different varieties but kept coming back to Catmate. I now have my local pet store preorder Catmate for me, and I’ll think nothing about ambushing other litter shoppers in the aisle to tell them how good Catmate is.

Unlike some of the other pine or woodchip products on the market, Catmate litter never stains my litter trays. I’ve also found Catmate to be very reasonably priced. I hope Catmate sticks around for another 20 years, because my cats and I…we like it the best.

Danielle Lane

Minimate Justine

Used Minimate for my ferret, can’t believe how well it controls the smell! Winning!!
Justin Smythe