Australia’s leading producer of eco-friendly pine pellet products & botanical pet care

Who is Proviro Group?

Established a decade ago in Moolap near Geelong in Victoria, Proviro Group is a wood pellet and briq manufacturer with a mantra of creating the best product for your needs and our environment. Unlike many similar products which are mass-produced, Proviro Group uses clean, recycled timber that is destined for landfill and produces pellets and briqs on a smaller scale for a more boutique finished product offered to Australians at an affordable price.

Natural Botanical Dog Grooming products

Cruelty free with a Touch of Luxury.

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Exciting, contemporary heating technologies.

Long lasting, sustainable and clean burning fuel briquettes and wood pellets.

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Make the right choice for stable bedding.

100% natural, absorbent, dust reduced and easy-to-use horse bedding.

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Performance. Planet. Purity.

The best choice for your pet and our environment.

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The ideal natural, safe and environmentally friendly small animal litter.

For rabbits, guinea pigs and reptile enclosures, bird cages and baby chicken pens.

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