RNB Show Stables and Castlereagh Stud

RNB Show Stables and Castlereagh Stud

Naomi Brincau is the proud owner of RNB Show Stables and Castlereagh Stud, a breeder of riding ponies. In the day of her businesses Naomi prepares and shows young horses for the highest level of competition in the show horse space. This means she has led and ridden horses that compete at Grand Nationals, Nationals and Sydney Royal Easter Show, only to name a few.

Pictured is Naomi’s mare, Royalwood Song Book, who is 3 weeks pregnant and counting down the days until December 2022, when her first foal will be born.

Naomi is an advocate for Horsemate Bedding and has been using it for 5 years now!

“I love how soft, dust free and absorbent the bedding is.”

Naomi loves how soft, dust-free, odourless and absorbent the bedding is. Of course, she couldn’t put it past her how environmentally friendly the bedding is, Naomi even uses it in her gardens as mulch and to promote growth.

“I use it in the gardens as mulch for the plants and also where we need new grass to grow.”

But most importantly, it gives her horses a comfortable bedding surface to sleep on at night.

You can join us in following Naomi on Instagram and Facebook. We love seeing her show stopping ponies.


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