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About Catmate

Catmate is Australia’s leading eco-friendly wood pellet kitty litter, providing the ideal solution for pet owners who are seeking quality litter that is easy to use and super absorbent. Our product comes from sustainably sourced plantation pine and contains natural oils that inhibit the growth of the bacteria that causes the ammonia smell.

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After co-managing a regional pound and assisting with the foster care and rehoming of a number of cats and kittens; I can honestly say that I’ve tried nearly all the litters on the Australian market – crystals, tofu, soy, paper, clay, and even sand…

When I read that cat guru Jackson Galaxy recommends pine litter, I tried a few different varieties but kept coming back to Catmate. I now have my local pet store preorder Catmate for me, and I’ll think nothing about ambushing other litter shoppers in the aisle to tell them how good Catmate is.

Unlike some of the other pine or woodchip products on the market, Catmate litter never stains my litter trays. I’ve also found Catmate to be very reasonably priced. I hope Catmate sticks around for another 20 years, because my cats and I…we like it the best.

Danielle Lane

I’m gob smacked! Adopted a second cat from RSPCA and they gave me a bag of Catmate litter to try. Used to use crystals and needed to change the tray at least every four days with one cat. After two days and two cats using the two tray sifting method the waste sawdust just looked like damp sawdust with only wood smell! Goodbye ammonia. Didn’t go through many pellets on top tray either. I’m sold and definitely recommend this to all.

Helen Bell

I’ve always used another brand of paper based litter because my cats are litter snobs. I’ve tried many different types but always ended up going back to the brand they liked. I received a tray system and a 7kg bag of Catmate litter from a cat show last weekend and my litter snobs are converts! Thank you for an awesome product.

Ilona Harris

An excellent product. My cat is happy and so am I. Definitely use less and it eliminates majority of the smells. I’d never go back to paper based litter again! If you use this litter, definitely buy a tray it will save you so much on litter!

Kate Russell

I have used another wood pellet product for many years as I had tried everything on the market and thought I had found the holy grail. But I found Catmate. I can’t believe how fantastic it is. No more smells, no gluggy mess, no mouldy wood smell. My seven cats must love it, and even the one with IBS goes the extra mile to use the litterbox – well done.

Laura Easthope

I use this litter for my 8 cats and my house hold never smells! I get compliments all the time on the clean house and no cat urine smell that most people with multiple trays and cats have! Honestly I will never use another brand of litter again!

Leesa Michelle Hannaford

Catmate is the preferred supplier of kitty litter to the RSPCA*. We are also very pleased to reward new owners of RSPCA rescue cats with a complimentary bag of Catmate to help them settle their new cat into their home.

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