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100% natural, absorbent, dust reduced and easy-to-use horse bedding.

About Horsemate

Horsemate is the ultimate sustainable, absorbent horse bedding. Engineered specifically to reduce odour and dust, Horsemate is ideal for any stable due to its ease of installation and natural comfort. Our eco-friendly wood pellets are compostable, biodegradable, renewable and produced using pure, uncontaminated plantation pine.

Horses love Horsemate

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Love your bedding but more importantly our horses do too!
Tracy Appleby
Horsemate bedding is clean, soft and easy to use. A bonus is how great the stables smell!
Ruth Worgan

In the past eight months we have switched to Horsemate bedding and couldn’t be more pleased with it. Good to store and use, highly absorbent compared to other bedding we have tried, and very easy to clean. Also creates a beautiful dense, springy surface underfoot.

Nicola Kelly

Horsemate is proud to sponsor talented riders across a number of different disciplines, helping the next generation to achieve their dreams. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with each of our sponsored riders.